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BID Meeting Notes

2019 Meeting Minutes and Accounts:

Board Meeting Minutes April 2019

Profit and Loss by Class April 2019   Strategic Plan – Operational Details April 2019

BID Board Meeting Meeting Notes March 2019

Profit and Loss by Class March 2019   Strategic Plan – Operational Details March 2019

Penrith BID Board Meeting Minutes – 16 January 2019

Profit and Loss by Class As At 15.01.2019

BID Board Meeting Minutes February 2019

Profit and Loss Feb 2019 and Strategic Plan – Operational Details Feb 2019


2018 Meeting Minutes and Accounts:

BID FINAL minutes Jan 18

BID FINAL minutes Dec 17

BID Board Signed 7 Feb 2018

BID Board Mtg 13 March 2018

BID Board Signed 10 April 2018

BID Board Mtg 9 May 2018

BID Board Signed 20 June 2018

Penrith BID Board Meeting Minutes 18.07.2018

Penrith BID Board Meeting Minutes 15.08.2018

and Profit and Loss Accounts as at 15.08.18

Penrith BID Board Meeting Minutes – 19 September 2018

and Profit and loss by class as at 17.09.18

Penrith BID Board Meeting Minutes – 24 October 2018

and Profit and Loss by Class October 2018

Penrith BID Board Meeting – 6 month review (November 2018)

Penrith BID Board Meeting Minutes – 19 December 2018

and Profit and Loss by Class 18.12.2018

Annual Reports (including financial summary)

Strategic Plan 2019

Penrith BID Prospectus 2018-2023

BID Annual Report 2015-16

Application Forms

If you would like to nominate a business person to join the BID board as a director, please complete and return the nomination form below:

Nomination Form to Become BID Director

If you would like to be considered for a grant for a project or event, please download and complete our application form:


Marketing Materials

BID Newsletter Spring 2019

BID Newsletter Winter 2018

BID Newsletter No. 1 – Summer 2018

BIDConnections Recycling Leaflet

Penrith Greening Flyer 2018

Penrith BID Privacy Policy


BID Objectives

For the Penrith BID there are five key objectives, all of which aim to improve business and trade in the town centre:

  • To market and promote Penrith as a service centre and shopping destination offering a distinctive choice of shops, festivals & events, and the location of choice for visitors exploring Cumbria and the Lake District.

  • To make access to Penrith town centre hassle-free and with minimum cost to staff, customers and visitors throughout the day.

  • To promote viable businesses in Penrith where there are the opportunities for businesses to benefit from economies of scale and vacant units are filled.

  • To take pride in Penrith by maintaining a bright, safe and customer-friendly environment that residents can be proud of, and visitors can enjoy.

  • To continue to build, through the BID, an effective partnership between the town’s businesses, organisations and local authorities for the benefit of Penrith town centre.


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