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Discover Penrith is the part of the BID where we focus on marketing and promoting Penrith to visitors/tourists which was in response to consultations with businesses identifying this as the highest priority for a renewed BID in 2017 (74% identified as high priority).

This project will be delivered in four parts:

1. Further development of the ‘Discover Penrith’ place marketing and digital media campaign to raise awareness of the town’s offer;

2. Discounts and incentives such as a new ‘Big book of offers’ to persuade and reward customers who choose to use Penrith town centre;

3. A focussed programme of support and sponsorship for four seasonal festivals and events to raise the profile of the town and what it offers throughout the year;

4. A themed advertising campaign such as ‘Alive After 5’ promoting what the town centre offers in the evening, for visitors and for locals.


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Declaration of Result: New Ballot

Local Government Act 2003 Business Improvement Districts (England) Regulations 2004 Business Improvement District For Eden District Council Declaration of result Friday 1 December 2017 I, Matthew Neal, being the Ballot Holder hereby declare that the result of the Penrith BID …
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Promoting Penrith

Promoting Penrith Marketing Penrith as a destination of choice for shopping, leisure and tourism was established by the BID in November 2013 through the creation of ‘Discover Penrith’.

This includes a dedicated website which acts as a centralised hub for businesses, events and activities. By 2016 the website had 422 business listings, around 50,000 users and approaching a quarter of a million page views, providing evidence that the BID has developed an important new promotion tool for the town’s businesses. Further to this, social media feeds are reaching 2.4 million.

We have also been promoting Penrith’s vibrant town centre through sponsorship and support for a programme of events and activities. Funding from the BID has been vital in the development and growth of existing events such as the Winter Droving and Penrith on a Plate, and instrumental to the introduction of new events such as Penrith Goes Orange, the Winter Festival, Chilli Fiesta and Christmas Bazaar. The local Tour of Britain event, May Day carnival and Penrith Remembers also received support from the BID.


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